Announcing a new law firm: Finch, specialists in business disputes

October 1, 2022

New law firm Finch is excited to announce that it will be open for business starting on 1 October. Based in Utrecht’s city centre, Finch specialises in resolving business disputes. The founding partners in Finch are attorneys Stefan Holterman, Dieuwertje de Leeuw, Maarten Mussche and Koen Rutten.

Each of Finch’s four founders has a long track record in the legal profession, and over the course of their careers they have become specialists in corporate, commercial and financial litigation. In recent years they have been involved in a number of high-profile cases, both domestic and in the international arena. Sharing a passion for their legal specialisms, they decided to set up their own firm that focuses exclusively on resolving business disputes. That decision has now materialised as Finch Dispute Resolution, to give the new firm its full name.

Soaring ambitions, at both the domestic and the international level

At present, Finch is made up of four attorney-partners plus three other attorneys. The ambitious new law firm expects to be bringing in additional specialist attorneys within the near future. Besides corporate, commercial and financial litigation, Finch also possesses extensive experience with class actions. Its clients are predominantly companies, non-profit organisations, directors and officers, and shareholders. Handling cases at both the domestic and the international level, Finch is Utrecht’s first boutique litigation firm operating in the international arena.

Koen Rutten: “What sets us apart is personal attention”

Finch attorney and partner Koen Rutten comments, “I’m extremely proud of what we’re doing together, and I’m full of confidence for the future. Finch has an amazing team of specialists, each with a proven track record in their own discipline. We possess the expertise and capacity to handle large and complicated cases, without compromising on the standard of service and flexibility that people expect from a boutique law firm. That personal attention and engagement is what sets us apart from other firms.”

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