• ABN Amro

    Financial institution

    Represented aggrieved investors in proceedings against ABN AMRO for breach of its special duty of care.

  • Blokker

    Retail chain

    Represented Blokker in proceedings concerning the performance of an acquisition agreement.

  • Capgemini

    ICT consultancy

    Conducted proceedings against Capgemini for breaching a contract to develop software.


    Financial institution

    Brought a claim against CITCO on behalf of 700 investors defrauded by Madoff (EUR 200 million).

  • DELA

    Funeral insurer

    Represented Yarden in invoking a clause stipulating the right to change premium rates or terms and conditions (390,000 policyholders) prior to an acquisition by DELA.

  • DSB Bank

    Financial institution

    Conducted a class action against the bankruptcy trustees of DSB Bank and against the Dutch central bank (De Nederlandsche Bank) about the deposit guarantee scheme (EUR 150 million).

  • EIG Management

    Investment company

    Advised on investments made in Petrobras based on misinformation (EUR 600 million).

  • Estro

    Childcare centres

    Represented former directors of Estro in inquiry proceedings regarding a EUR 500 million leveraged buyout.

  • Fortis Bank

    Financial institution

    Acted on behalf of institutional and retail investors in proceedings against Fortis Bank for misleading communications (EUR 1,3 billion).

  • Imtech

    Installation and automation company

    Conducted a class action on behalf of institutional investors against Imtech for price manipulation and for not disclosing price-sensitive information.

  • ING Groep

    Financial institution

    Brought a claim on behalf of institutional investors against ING Group for not disclosing price-sensitive information (EUR 500 million).

  • SNS Bank

    Financial institution

    Conducted proceedings on behalf of bondholders against SNS Bank and the Dutch State on account of expropriation of their bonds (EUR 1 billion).

  • Steinhoff

    International furniture group

    Represented institutional investors in proceedings against Steinhoff for accounting irregularities (EUR 1.4 billion).

  • Tivoli Utrecht

    Music venue

    Represented a shareholder in a case to prevent a dilution of the share capital.

  • Truckkartel

    Loss caused by a cartel

    Brought a claim for compensation on behalf of customers of truck manufacturers that were part of a cartel.

  • Universiteit Utrecht

    Research university

    Represented the university in proceedings about a ban imposed on publishing research conducted into Jehovah’s Witnesses.

  • ZED+

    Telecommunications company

    Represented a director of ZED+ in inquiry proceedings.