Maarten Mussche specialises in corporate and commercial litigation. His litigation practice covers the full spectrum of liability law, contract law and corporate law. As a lawyer, Maarten is straightforward and to the point. 

His cases include contract breaches and the performance of business contracts. He represents investors, directors and enterprises in matters of liability and in cases involving retirement and resignation. Maarten has extensive experience with acquisition and shareholder disputes and cases where enterprises are involved in or face the likelihood of a conflict. He is also involved in high-profile inquiry proceedings before the Enterprise Division.

In 2011, Maarten earned his PhD in directors’ and officers’ liability. He has served as an editor of the monthly corporate law journal Maandblad voor Ondernemingsrecht since 2015. Maarten was a lecturer at Utrecht University, is a regular guest speaker at symposiums and has a series of academic publications on corporate law to his name.

Maarten was one of the partners who founded Finch Dispute Resolution in 2022. Before that, he worked as a lawyer for De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, Höcker, Florent and Wijn & Stael.

Maarten Mussche is very skilled and also good in court.

Legal 500 2024

Maarten has shown himself to be consistently brilliant with his technical analysis.

Legal 500 2024

Finch’s team is friendly, open, and very pleasant to work with.

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They are litigators at heart: fast, independent, down to earth, pragmatic and respected among colleagues.

Legal 500 2024

Academic background

  • Erasmus University Rotterdam, PhD (2011)
  • Victoria University of Wellington, semester (2006)
  • University of Groningen, Dutch law: business law, private law and criminal law (2006)
  • University of Wisconsin, semester (2003)


  • Association Corporate Litigation (VCL)
  • Commercial Law Association (Vereeniging Handelsrecht)
  • Association for Class Action Lawyers (VVMA)
  • International Bar Association (IBA)

Recently published judgments

    • Court of Amsterdam 6 February 2024, summary proceedings (lifting prejudgment attachment)
    • Court of Amsterdam 19 January 2024, summary proceedings (stolen business information)
    • Court of Appeal The Hague 16 January 2024, appeal proceedings (explanation of termination clause)
    • Court of Rotterdam 7 July 2023, summary proceedings (aborted negotiations)
    • Court of Appeal Amsterdam (Enterprise Chamber) 17 May 2023, inquiry proceedings (decision process leveraged buy-out)
    • Supreme Court 24 March 2023, cassation proceedings (default and breach of contract)
    • Court of Gelderland 22 February 2023, proceedings on the merits (breach of contract)
    • Supreme Court 10 February 2023, cassation proceedings (statute of limitations)
    • Court of The Hague 6 January 2023, summary proceedings (suspension of a director)


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