Our world is in a constant state of change, and legal reality changes along with it. A strategy that would have won a case yesterday will not always do so today. Our flexibility allows us to adapt ourselves continually to changing circumstances to achieve the best results for our clients.

Bird’s-eye view

Details are important, but context is indispensable. Cases are sometimes won on the finest of legal points. Much more often, the law is merely a tool and a case turns on the story underlying the dispute. We never lose sight of the bigger picture.

Strike when the time is right

Sometimes it is better to hold off on taking action. There are occasions when we take one step back to move two steps forward. At the same time, we know that opportunities can materialise suddenly. We exercise patience while remaining alert, so we will be ready to strike when the time is right.

Darwin’s Finch Sketch (#2 – “Geospiza Fortis”)