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Current events

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Supreme Court clarifies the qualification of a factual policymaker

14 July 2023|

In case of bankruptcy, not only directors but also factual policymakers can be held liable for the bankruptcy deficit under circumstances. Wondering whether you would qualify as a factual policymaker? Koen Rutten and Carlijn Tjoa wrote an article in response to a recent Supreme Court ruling, giving some concrete examples of situations in which someone may or may not be regarded as a factual policymaker.

Claims for information for (periodic) sources of income

18 April 2023|

A creditor can under certain conditions gather information on his debtor's sources of income. Does this only apply to periodic sources of income? Not according to Koen Rutten and Youp Pletting. They believe that the debtor must also declare irregular income and wrote an article on the Amsterdam District court's judgment of 8 September 2022 for the Dutch legal journal Jurisprudentie Burgerlijk Procesrecht.

Enterprise Chamber firmly intervenes in governance of the Reinier Haga Group

21 March 2023|

Stefan Holterman and Tom Dijkhuizen wrote an article for the Dutch legal journal Bedrijfsjuridische berichten on the Enterprise Chamber's judgment of 16 November 2022 on the (governance of the) Reinier Haga Group. In addition to a substantive discussion of this order, they discuss a number of insights that the order provides to practitioners.

Announcing a new law firm: Finch, specialists in business disputes

1 October 2022|

New law firm Finch is excited to announce that it will be open for business starting on 1 October. Based in Utrecht’s city centre, Finch specialises in resolving business disputes. The founding partners in Finch are attorneys Stefan Holterman, Dieuwertje de Leeuw, Maarten Mussche and Koen Rutten.